Posted by: pollyw | February 15, 2010

Ancient Reality Shows

Reading through Genesis can, at times, be like reading through the script for a reality series.  Hollywood would love some of these stories. 

The chapter starts out with the creation story…beautiful.  Sky, trees, birds, fish, stars, people, all appearing from God’s spoken words.  Angels applauding and hallelujah-ing, they can’t help it.  God is so, well, creative.  It’s an amazing, breath-taking start. 

But then, when God starts telling us the stories of the people, things go downhill pretty fast.  From Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit, we go to the Cain and Abel homicide episode.  Fast forward and we see Lamech, who is a self-proclaimed murderer.  Oh, yeah, and he’s also a polygamist.  He is the dad of another famous Bible character, though.  The one, the only, builder of the Ark…please welcome to the story, Noah!  Finally, a righteous guy seeking after God’s path for his life.  God saves Noah and his family (including daughters-in-law) during the epic scene to end all scenes — the flood.  Then afterward, Noah does something he’s probably not too proud of. 

Wow, and that’s not even the end of Genesis. 

What is abundantly clear through this rear view look into the history of the world is that we humans are going to mess up.  And then, we will mess up again. 

Sin is ugly with a capital U.  God’s mercy to bear with us and love us through the worst sins of our lives is just incomprehensible. 

Our only job is to look to Him.  He is not asking us to be perfect.  He knows we can’t do that.  He just wants us to accept that Jesus died for our sins and ask Him to come into our lives.  All He asks is that we follow Him and let His strength flow through us.  

Yes, our lives can be a reality series at times, too.  But if we will just turn to Him, He can give us hope and a chance to live a life that makes a difference. 

Now’s your chance, why not give the drama in your life to Him and see what He does with it?


  1. I know. Apart from being God’s Word, the truth, and containing the wonderful account of God’s faithfulness to his Old Testament people Israel and now to us, the Bible has some pretty entertaining stories! I’m thinking of Judges – The tent peg through the temple, the fat king’s fat rolls closing over the handle of the sword plunged into him. Also all the stuff still to come in Genesis – Joseph etc. It just shows all the more how much God loves us – despite all our dramas, our imperfections, our sin…


    • True, Julie, I sure am glad He does!


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