Posted by: pollyw | March 25, 2022

Draw Biblical Israel in 5 Lines or Less

Draw Biblical Israel in 5 lines or less

Drawing a map of Biblical Israel is really helpful for me when I am reading the Bible. When I had a chance to teach a women’s Sunday School class, it was so fun to teach everyone this technique, and then they could use their maps to show where the story for that day was taking place. Talk about really knowing God’s Word! They could see where it was taking place on their own map.

I hope I get a chance to make a video about other details that are easy to add to this map depending on what part of God’s Word you are studying for the week. There are some really neat tricks to learning the basics. Then, you feel like you are really diving into God’s Word because you can picture where the action is taking place and how it relates to the rest of the countryside.

Feel free to comment below if you have some easy ways to remember parts of the Bible map. Even better, let me know if you are able to draw this map!


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