Posted by: pollyw | February 23, 2010

So that you may know and believe…

A while back, I was in a Bible study that had a verse for us to memorize each week. 

Today, when I was hanging out by my toaster, probably fixing lunch for one of my little ones, one of the verses that I had taped on the wall to memorize way back then, caught my eye. 

It is Isaiah 43:10 and it goes a little something like this (in NIV):

“You are My witnesses,” declares the Lord.

“and My servant whom I have chosen,

so that you may know Me and believe Me

and understand that I am He.

Before Me no god was formed,

nor will there be one after Me.”

(Wow, just typing that out gives me goosebumps.) 

Sometimes when I come across statements of fact like this in His Word, I can relate to it even more if I see it all laid out.  So, I’ll turn it into a list. 

Let’s do that with this verse:

What the Lord says about me

1.  I am His witness

2.  I am His chosen servant

 Why did He choose me to be a witness and to serve Him?

1. So that I may know Him

2. So that I may believe Him

3. So that I can understand who He is

Who is He?

1. He is It.  He says it this way: “I am He” (No god formed before or after Him)

In any situation I have, I can know and believe and understand that He is “He”.  He’s the one I need in that situation.  No one else that I could try to put in His place will ever do, and it’s not fair of me to try to put other people or things in the position of being my Savior, my God.

He is it, no god has been formed before or after Him. 

Based on this verse, I can know, believe, and understand that He is all I need.  And through these situations, I can get to know, believe, and understand Him and His character, and have a tiny inkling of His to-the-ends-of-the-earth and to-the-heights-of-Heaven kind of love He has for me.

How about you? 

Are you ready to live this week like someone who is a witness and chosen servant of the Creator of the universe? 

Are you ready to receive His offer to know and believe and understand that He is it?  The One we need?

I’m going to take the challenge this week to know and believe Him for some situations in my life right now. 

And, I’m going to ask Him to help me understand His immenseness in the situations.  His “allness” for lack of a better word.  “I am He” He says. 

Let’s live like we believe it!


  1. i think i’ll take that challenge too.


    • Hi Monica! Maybe we can keep each other accountable!


      • sounds good!
        p.s. i was thinking about the cookie party you’d suggested on our last “snow day”
        we should get the the kids together-i have the next several saturday’s off so let’s pick one!


  2. hi polly-just wanted to comment on this one again. just remembering the words “I am He” has completely changed how i look at a situation. this post has been such a blessing to me.


    • Monica — I am so glad, thanks for letting me know! And Happy Easter!!


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