Posted by: pollyw | February 8, 2010

Has anybody seen my Bible lately?

I wrote this devotional a month or two ago, and it is already relevant in my life again.  I thought some of you might be able to relate…

I have to be honest.  Lately I have had a really tough time sitting down to read my Bible. 

You know how it is.  Things get busy, crazy even.  The next thing you know, it’s been a while since you have stopped to see what the Lord wants you to hear from His Word. 

I do usually carry on a running dialogue with the Lord throughout the day, but I can really tell when I haven’t been sitting down to hear Him speak to my heart. 

My priorities start to get mixed up.  I start to think more like me and less like Him. 

I get cranky with people instead of showing grace and mercy. 

I look out for number one, so to speak instead of the real Number One. 

I get lost in the details of life instead of looking to His vision for my life. 

What is so very cool about the Lord is that when I did sit down to listen to Him this morning, Bible in hand, He led me to one of my favorite Psalms for times like these. 

Can you guess which one I am talking about?  I’ll give you a hint.  It’s very, very long. 

That’s right, Psalm 119. 

What is so appropriate about this one is that I can pray it right back to Him to ask for help for my slacker ways. 

I mean, how much more direct can I be when I quote verse 16 back to Him as a prayer:  “Lord, help me to delight in your decrees; help me not to neglect Your Word.” 

Now that says it all, doesn’t it?  I’m not promising to do anything in that verse, I’m coming to Him like the child of His that I am and saying, “I can’t do this, only You can.  Please help me.” 

 A relationship with Him is not about what I can do for Him, but what I bring to Him from my heart, knowing that only He can truly be the problem-solver. 

I don’t want Bible reading to feel like a chore, I want to look forward to it and do it (delight in His decrees as the verse says it), not put it off. 

Maybe it’s just me who has these dry times, but just in case you run into one, grab your Bible and take a walk on over to Psalm 119.

Maybe you’ll find something you can pray back to the Lord.  He loves to hear from you.


  1. Give the first and best to the Lord and He rewards greatly. I was right where you were until I woke early and went to study before anything else. Life changed. He does that. I know you are BUSY!
    Have you ever read Oswald Chambers MY UTMOST FOR HIS HIGHEST? It’s a daily devotional and my first read after prayer each morning.
    Blessing to you.


    • Thanks for coming to visit, Lynn!

      I know, I love to have my quiet time in the morning. In our house, though, one of the little ones is usually the one who wakes me up. (The funny thing is, it’s almost always whoever is three years old at the time)

      I can sometimes get up before they come down if I can get to bed early enough the night before!

      I do like My Utmost for His Highest, it is a really great devotional.

      You’re right, though, I would like to get back to getting up early enough to focus on His Word before the day gets going and just resting in His plan for me that day.


  2. You are such a blessing to me. Thank you for letting Him speak directly to me through you. Every time I read what you write I hear something that is exactly what I needed to hear!

    I so often feel that I can’t do this or that, and need to hear Him say “but I can, so just let me”. He is so good!!!

    I am going to feel more confident through Him today!

    Thank you for your words today…keep them coming!!! I look forward to each one and know what a gift of time and love this must be for you.


    • Thank you for the encouragement!

      I know what you mean about trying to do stuff on our own and then realizing He is just waiting for us to get out of the way so He can do it through us instead!


  3. Hi Polly,
    We just read (part of) Ps 119 in Bible study yesterday. My favourite reminder was vs. 12 (I think) – “I have hidden your Word in my heart”. Our big application from that was the encouragement to memorise Scripture. I make excuses, thinking I’m too busy or my brain isn’t switched on enough (tired from running after 2 babies), but I know I will be blessed in reading (and memorising) God’s word.


    • Hey Julie,

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Boy do I know about chasing after kiddos! It can take all of your brain power (in a good way), that’s for sure!

      I think you might be a book person like me, and if you are, there is a really great user friendly book out about Scripture memorization called Taking The Word To Heart: Five Ways To Get A Grip On God’s Word(Paperback – May 2009)
      by Nancy Taylor. I really enjoyed reading it and was able to put a lot of her suggestions into practice.

      One of her suggestions even got my older kids in on the act to help me memorize, it was pretty cool!

      I still need to go find the book you were talking about on your blog, I’m looking forward to reading it.


  4. Thanks for coming by my blog! Did you find me on Beth Moore’s or someplace else?
    Psalm 119 is packed with references to heed the Word, study the Word, obey the Word. What a perfect message.


    • Hey Becca!

      I found your blog through your comment on Mary’s Owlhaven blog.

      Do you go to Beth’s studies, too? Those studies are the ones that the Lord used to actually get me to read my Bible instead of just listening to everyone else’s opinions on it. I love that ministry!

      I’m so glad you stopped by!


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