Posted by: pollyw | December 1, 2019

Praying the names of God — Elohim

I love the idea of praying the names of God in the Bible. His many names refer to various aspects of His character. Elohim is the first one mentioned in the Bible, in the first verse, no less. “In the beginning, God (Elohim) created the heavens and the earth…” Genesis 1:1

Elohim is defined as the strong, creator God. (definition from

Now, where do you need the strong creator God in your life? What situation in your life can you lift to Him and call on His ability to create something from nothing? Is it a relationship? Is it a work situation? Is it a personal issue you are struggling with?

Praying using Scripture isn’t a magic formula, or a guarantee, it’s a way for you to really know His Word and get it deep into your spirit. It’s a way to apply His Word to your life. So, if I pray that I need the Lord’s creative, Elohim spirit in my life today over a particular situation, I am reminding myself, with His own words, that He is able to do that. Praying that name back to Him is helping to build a stronger relationship with Him through understanding more of His character, and building that trust that He can create something out of nothing.

This does not give me a free pass to sit back and do nothing myself, it helps me to keep a look out and listen for what He would have me do in the situation I am lifting up to Him as Elohim. Where does He want me to go in that particular circumstance? It also reminds me to keep an eye out for what amazing thing He might do in that situation.


Lord, you are Elohim over all of the situations in my life. You are Elohim over me, You created me. Please help me to let Your creative spirit flow in my life and bring the awe and wonder to many tired situations that I am constantly struggling with. I ask for You to create Your something from my nothing in my strongholds (You can name those things you are struggling with here.) Lord, thank you that You can bring a creative solution to any problem, and You can fill every void with Your creation. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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