Posted by: pollyw | August 6, 2014

Cable withdrawal

Wow, we have really “roughed it” this week at our house. No, our electricity didn’t go out for a week. And, yes, our cars are all still functioning. This was roughing it on a much different scale. We had to “virtually” rough it – our cable and wireless were out. Now, if you had told me in advance that they would both go out on Thursday morning. I would have probably said, “Yeah, that will be inconvenient, but we will survive it.” (Note to past self, it’s bigger than you know.)

I had no idea how “wired” our family is to the outside world. It seemed like every action I needed to do during the day somehow involved an internet/cable service that was no longer available as an option. I have a writing project to finish. I need to get in touch with people about my daughter’s party. What was that recipe for grilled chicken? The list goes on…

After talking to the cable providers about it, I felt very abandoned when they said they couldn’t help us for a week. I even tracked down a poor cable worker sitting in his truck just down the street from our house to see if it was a neighborhood thing, or just us. I felt like a survivor in one of those “end of the world” movies desperately approaching the poor guy in his cable truck trying to eat his lunch in peace. In my mind, I thought he would sense my desperation, roll up his windows, and speed away. Thankfully, he didn’t. But, alas, he wasn’t able to help us. “Just here for an install,” he said. His words cut like a knife. More wounding from the cable giant.

When my husband and I wanted to find a movie for our date night, I had to call my sister in another city to look up movie options for us. Later, my husband and I wandered the streets (actually just two doors down) to our friend’s house, laptop in hand, to borrow a little wireless so we could find the show times for our movie. I felt so needy…and desperate. But our friends were a warm welcoming home, not ones to judge. They shared with us their woes over past cable losses.

What I did find refreshing throughout this whole “ordeal” was how our six children handled it all. These children, who are indigenous to the digital age, just kind of shrugged their shoulders and went off to play other games. They happily watched DVD’s when they wanted to see something on TV.

It got me to thinking, the digital world is apparently very entrenched in me. As a Christian, I want to be found to be even more wired into Christ. I want to have every minute of my day consumed in His way of thinking and His take on things. I want to lean on Him in the good times and the bad. That is one connection that will never fail me – His Word promises it!



  1. Well stated!


  2. Miss you polly! Back to school,and super crazy. You too soon! Love, alice



    • Miss you, too!! I can’t believe summer is over already!


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