Posted by: pollyw | December 8, 2014

Who knew Jesus’ hands were so small?


(Note: This was written this past summer and I am posting it for the first time today)

Sixteen years ago today…seems like not that long ago. Sixteen years ago today, I married my amazing husband. The Lord knew what He was doing when he gave me this guy. His calm, not get rattled, easy demeanor balances out my “let’s sign up for everything and do everything” demeanor very nicely. The Lord knew I would need someone who was good with money because He had six little gifts to give us in the future, and at some point, those gifts would be heading off to college. The Lord also knew that a little bit of spark and creativity would come in handy along Jack’s journey through life, so here I am…sixteen years later.

I thought today I might feel a little off because my guy is out of town (for one day) with our oldest kiddo. Long story, but it was a mutual agreement because it was an annual event that just happened to fall on our anniversary. All that to say, I just figured we would celebrate our “married-ness” by going out a few days after they returned. I am a celebrate-on-the-day kind of person, though, so I knew it might sting a little whenever I looked at the calendar today.

Well, the Lord had bigger plans for me than to sit around feeling sorry for myself. This morning, I woke up, wondered how the guys were doing at their event, and headed off to brush my teeth. When I returned to my bed, there was a hand written card from my two oldest girls. It was addressed to “the best mom in the whole world”. Inside the envelope was a hand printed menu for a breakfast in bed that I was being surprised with that morning.

As if that weren’t amazing enough for a worn out mom, they said that after breakfast I was to stay in bed and relax while they watched “the littles” (that’s what we call the youngest members of the family who are 3, 5, and 7 years old).  I was surprised, amazed, and, honestly, relieved.  I could feel the Lord’s hand all over this.  My girls were showing His love to me on a day when I really needed it.  I have to say, I soaked it in for all it was worth.  Did I mention there was a “spa appointment” involved in the day, too?  I had the two most amazing spa workers right there in my room, making sure I felt relaxed, cared for, and loved.  Handmade chocolate stars were part of the spa package right before lunch.

Today the Lord gave me a wonderful, very unexpected, gift. He helped me relax and just receive all of this pampering from two sets of small hands that He had given to me.  He was right there in the middle of these two girls who were taking care of their mom on a day when she really needed it.  They knew exactly what I needed on a day that was going to be hard to get through.  It was a wonderful anniversary — one I will cherish forever.

It makes me want to make sure I keep my hands available for Him to use when someone needs to feel His love, just like the little hands He used to take care of me today.

Have you ever felt the Lord’s hands taking care of you through someone else?  Feel free to share in the comments section.


  1. Who knew? Beautiful story of Jesus’ love for you, your husband and your children.


    • Thank you for raising him to be such a great husband!


  2. Beautiful testimony! Miss you guys. Hugs to all. Love, Dave and Bridget


    • We miss you, too!! Thanks for the comment!


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