Posted by: pollyw | May 13, 2015

God even uses ordinary days…


  Photo by Polly W.

We were running late, as usual, to get to school this morning. My elementary schoolers and I were racing out the door to get everyone in the car and on the road. We arrived at school, parked, and pushed our way out of the car to walk in. Then, God pressed the pause button on our morning.

There, right beside the curb, was a little river of sorts flowing down the street. There had been a steady stream of rain all night, and the streets showed the evidence of it. I am not one to pass up a river, even if it is kind of an artificial one. We had to stop and play a while, even if we were cutting it close on time.

So, the four kiddos I had with me all found leaves and threw them into the little “street” stream. We had a wonderful time watching them speed to the storm drain at the corner. We even saw one set of leaves get caught in an eddy and swirl around like they were dancing. For five minutes or so, the Lord put the day on hold so I could enjoy some much needed fun time with my kiddos.

You see, this has been a very stressful week, with more to come.  I love that the Lord just covered us in a bubble of His grace to enjoy His creation together and get us started off in the right frame of mind today.

As we had a wonderful time watching the leaves, what we didn’t realize was that we were drawing quite a crowd. When we finished with our activity and headed into the building, everyone asked us what had been so fascinating that we had stopped and stayed there for so long.

They thought we had seen an amazing animal or something along those lines, when all we had done was enjoyed something they had passed up without noticing just moments before. We would have passed it up, too, if the Lord hadn’t given us that gentle nudge to look around and enjoy His creation for a moment.

I love it when He does things like that!

It surprised me that our fascination with the little stream had drawn so much attention from the others around us. It got me to thinking. What if our daily walk with the Lord drew that much attention from others?

What if we shared what He was doing in our lives more often, especially when He was doing something within the confines of our ordinary day?

I think it would draw attention to what the Lord might be doing in their lives.

How about today we try to really keep our eyes open to what He is doing in our lives and share it with someone at the end of the day? It might be a neat way to draw others closer to Him and remind them that He has His hand on the ordinary things in their days, too.


  1. Fabulous reminder!! Thanks!!!


    • Thanks for stopping by Dave!


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