Posted by: pollyw | January 20, 2014

Secret Language

Life with a three year old around the house is an adventure. They have their own way of doing things and can’t understand why the adults around them aren’t catching onto their view of things. Our current three-year old has his own timetable (do it now), his own idea of perfection (watching Thomas the Tank Engine videos all day would be a perfect day), and even his own secret language.

This past month he has been trying earnestly to teach us his secret language. “Nife-kin” means napkin. “Fruity” means Fruity Pebbles (okay, not the most nutritious breakfast, but it meets our gluten-free needs around here). But, I have to say my favorite is the number “20”.

The number 20 can be translated to mean “a lot”. If he wants apple slices, he wants 20. If he is thirsty and is asking for juice, he wants 20. The best part of the day, though, is when he says, “I love you 20!” Because when he says that, he is saying that he loves you the most he can love you in his three-year old world. Oh, and don’t try to match his love, he will tell you that you can only love him “2”, he is the only one that can love “20”.

It reminds me of what the Lord says in His Word: He loves us with an everlasting love. How can we match that? We bring our “2” love to the Lord, but He still loves us “20”.

So, go out there and remember that you are loved “20”. Spread the Lord’s “20” love to others this week. Even if people bring less than 2 to the table, the Lord can love others through you with his spilling over kind of love!



  1. Great post, love the story about your child, brings to reality the love God has for us.


    • Thank you! So glad you stopped by!


  2. Oh, much too precious. The whole gospel understood and proclaimed by a three-year-old (and an in-tune mother). Thank you.


    • Hi Ian,

      Glad to see you again! Thank you for the wonderful comment!


  3. Love it!


    • Thank you! So glad you came by!


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