Posted by: pollyw | August 28, 2013

The Two Year Old Missionary

Well, I’m not a mom who loves it when summer ends and the kids are back in school. Summer is usually a time when we can just hang out, sleep in late, and fit in a fun trip or two. This summer was a little different. It seemed as though we had something going every single day and there wasn’t a lot of just hang around time. When the kids were having some down time, they seemed to get on each other’s nerves pretty easily. Put all of these things together and you have a summer that flies by and is suddenly over. We couldn’t believe it when August arrived so quickly and backpacks started showing up in the stores.

So, here we are…back in school. This is the first week of school for 5 out of 6 of our kiddos. One is starting kindergarten…and so excited! The oldest is starting middle school…and kind of excited, but ready for Friday. We are three days into it and some of the new-ness is wearing off. Needless to say, as I was walking away from the elementary school this morning, after dropping off the schoolers, I was feeling just a bit “off”. Not sad, mad, or glad, just a bit “off” from the craziness of this week and the quietness of our home.

For the walk to school, our two year old was perched in the stroller, glad for the excitement of getting out. As we were walking away from the school, it happened…he spotted a school bus on its way back to the bus barn. We were on the main street they all take to park the buses for the day.

He waved and waved, almost coming out of his seat, to let the driver know he was there. The driver looked over, gave a big smile, and waved right back. That was all it took. For the next ten minutes, my tiny little guy ministered to the bus drivers from his stroller, and in a very powerful way. He must have waved to twenty bus drivers. Drivers who looked tired, frustrated, and ready to be done would see him waving his little arm and they would instantly burst into a smile and give a wave back. Some were even blowing kisses to him. I didn’t feel “off” anymore, I was laughing right along with the drivers, because it was obvious that this two year old was on a mission. A mission to brighten up everyone’s day and make them feel loved. God used this little guy in a mighty way this morning.

If he can do this with someone so small, what can He do with us today, if we let Him?

Keep an eye out for what the Lord has planned for you today. Leave a comment and let me know how it goes, I’d love to hear it! Oh, and if you’re not too sure if He has a mission for you, here’s the Scriptural proof that He does and that He would love to work through you:

Ephesians 2:10 (from
For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.



  1. Heart warming! I can just see Joshua’s contagious smile! Love & Hugs, DD


    • Yes, his one dimple was working overtime this morning! Thanks for the comment!


  2. He is such a blessing!


    • I agree, he is! Thanks for stopping by!


  3. How sweet! Those bus drivers needed a smiling face & waves this week, from sweet Joshua … His light was shining through! I was a bus buddy this week and on Monday I thought why in the world did I sign up for this, I have enough to do already! But I went & had a great time, the school personnel were so happy to see me & then even more so when I said I was a bus buddy … so immediately I was glad I was there. Then there were those lost, crying little ones who were exhausted and wet (it rained as the teachers brought the kids out to the buses) and just wanted to go home to mom or dad! It was a long day, especially Monday but I have a new appreciation for bus drivers, teachers, and all the school workers! I can’t wait to go volunteer again!


    • Helen,

      I love the fact that you were on that bus to lighten the load for the drivers and give the kiddos a friendly face! I’m glad you are doing that!!


  4. I wish I approached everyday with the enthusiasm of my kids! Yay for your little missionary.


    • I know, it’s amazing (and humbling) how they see the world! Thanks for stopping by Julie!


  5. Wonderful report from ‘the front!’ Thank you for sharing!


    • So great to hear from you, Dave! We miss you two!


  6. I missed this one for some reason!
    It seems you have a two-year-old missionary who has developed into a three-year-old theologian with a profound understanding of God’s love.
    Well, as long as you keep alerting us, we just might begin to break the cobwebs of our rules and regulations, our what ifs and be carefuls, and abandon ourselves to the risks and rewards of love.


    • Ian,

      You have such a wonderful way with words — thank you for the encouragement! Three-year-old theologian, love it!


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