Posted by: pollyw | December 27, 2012

Psalm 78’in it this morning

I’m still in a post-Christmas haze from all that has whirled through here this month.  Actually, this year it started even earlier, with November going by like a speeding truck.  From Thanksgiving shows to choir concerts, to karate tournaments and then Christmas parties and shows, we have gone from one big event to the next for the last two months.  It all ended with the glorious light show that is Christmas morning.  (Actually, mornings — we were able to have all three in a row this year!)

We had a great time!

This morning, it feels good to just sit.

To sit and think back about what all the Lord did for us this Christmas season.  He worked some major miracles and some small ones, too.  He allowed us to see Him working in places we didn’t expect. 

I loved the glimpses He gave us of how He is touching the hearts of each of our children.  It always feels like a battle to keep them focused on Jesus during Christmas when the world is clamoring for them to think only of the stuff they can get.  This year the Lord fought the battle for us and worked through the children in some pretty neat ways.    

Sitting and reading my Bible had been set to the wayside this season, so it felt wonderful to actually open it up and leisurely read this morning.  I found myself at Psalm 78:12-16.  Just in case you’re in the post holiday haze this morning, I’m going to put it into the Message translation to make it a little easier to read (from

He performed miracles in plain sight of their parents
    in Egypt, out on the fields of Zoan.
He split the Sea and they walked right through it;
    he piled the waters to the right and the left.
He led them by day with a cloud,
    led them all the night long with a fiery torch.
He split rocks in the wilderness,
    gave them all they could drink from underground springs;
He made creeks flow out from sheer rock,
    and water pour out like a river.

This is the only part of the Psalm I saw this morning because it is a daily reading Bible breaking the Scripture up into parts to be read daily.  The total Psalm is making the point that with all of God’s goodness, the Israelites still disobeyed him. 

I love that He led me to this part about remembering His goodness and all of the miracles He did for them.  It immediately made me stop and think about all of the miracles He has done in my life , and how He has been so good to us. 

This morning I am thinking about all He has done for us in this Christmas season, alone.  He has helped us cross seas and given us water from rocks in some really amazing ways.  He has also shown us His workings through our children’s hearts in new and surprising ways.  A very small example of this was when I looked under the Christmas tree and some of them had made presents for each other and us.  There they sat, these little tokens of love for each other, wrapped in tiny packages, with small handmade cards attached to them.  The love for each other as brothers and sisters that I pray for constantly was showing itself evident under that little tree.  I love it when He encourages my prayers like that.

So, my encouragement to you this morning is to think back about the seas He has led you through and the water from rocks He has provided in your life.  Then, don’t keep it a secret…tell someone.  Tell your kids, tell your neighbor, tell your postman.  Share it, you just might get someone thinking about how the Lord has been working in their lives.

In fact, tell me, I’d love to hear your comments about what He is doing in your lives.


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