Posted by: pollyw | October 16, 2012

Are you a honeycomb speaker or a sour patch kid?

One of the things I like about the church we have been going to is that every week, there is a memory verse in the bulletin.  Every Sunday I leave with the resolve that I will work on that verse all week, but then before I know it, it is Sunday again, and there’s a new one to work on that I want to try.  Well, this week I’ve been working on it.  It helps that it was short and sweet.  Literally, sweet.  Here it is in the HCSB version:

Pleasant words are a honeycomb: sweet to the taste and health to the body.  Proverbs 16:24

Sunday, when my husband brought home the bulletin to me (because I was home with a sick baby and missed church) I taped the verse up on the microwave so I could work on it all week.

Here’s how it went:  Let’s see, pleasant words…honeycomb…sweet to the taste…you taste with your tongue…words come out of your mouth…gesture to mouth…health to body…arms out to side, like a strong man…words…honeycomb…a honeycomb is sweet…good for you…health to the body.  It seemed to sum itself up pretty well, where I could almost gesture my way through it.  (Can you tell I’m a visual and kinesthetic learner?)

Next came the numbers of verse and chapter.  Those are always a bit harder for me.  I looked for a connection between the numbers (that my numbers husband would have seen in seconds, by the way).

Let’s see 16 and 24 .

16 and 24.

What is their connection?

How many more is 24 than 16?

Finally, the Lord took mercy on me and reminded me of the 8’s times table.  8 times 2 and 8 times 3.  They were even in order from lower to higher.

Okay, so verse and address learned, and in one night, no less.  I was feeling pretty proud of myself.  (Can you hear the ominous “dun-dun-duuuun” music in the background?)

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there was a reason that the Lord made that verse so easy to memorize.  This week, it seems like every time I turn around, less than honeycomb-like speech is coming out of my mouth. My words have been less like honey and more like a  sour patch candy at times.  Granted, the sick baby scenario might have something to do with that on this week in particular, but I know it’s no mistake that the Lord is keeping it forefront in my mind as I am making my way around in my own little world.  More words with patience and understanding being broadcast and less “hurry, hurry we’re late” would go a long way in this house.

It turns out that when I have a good attitude with my family and friends and even people I barely know, the “sweet to the taste and health to the body” part of the verse goes out to me and to the other person.  I always thought it was just for them.  Turns out that the Lord is protecting us in this scenario, too.  Just like He does with all of His rules.  It’s like I’ve said in so many of these posts.  He is all about relationships.  And relationships are fed by those pleasant words we use with each other.

How about you?  Has the Lord used a verse that you have memorized in an “in your face, can’t ignore it” kind of way recently?  Leave a comment if you get a chance and let us hear about it.


  1. Good one sweetie! I like the part about the numbers.


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