Posted by: pollyw | February 2, 2012

I’m just sayin’…He’s pretty awesome!

Okay, I’m just going to say it up front…this post is all about bragging on the Lord.

He did something tonight to remind me that He is here, really here, in my now, and that when I listen to His leading He can take me to where I need to be, even if I don’t know I need to be there.

Let me explain what I mean.

Tonight, I had a chance to go to the city-wide Bible study that Beth Moore is teaching on Deuteronomy.  This in itself is a blessing because before I can even get there for the amazing Bible teaching, my husband makes it a point to be home on time to take over the care of our six kiddos (yay, Jack!).

Back to the story…

Near the end of the session, I could really sense that the Lord wanted me to go up to the front after it was over and have someone pray for one of my little ones who was recently diagnosed with gluten issues.  It’s been a steep learning curve for all of us, grandparents included, and she is still suffering some mild symptoms even though we have been gluten-free with her for a few weeks now.

As I said, I could really feel this urging to find someone to pray for her.  I tried to rationalize it away because she hasn’t had a horrible time lately, and I could pray for her at home, etc.  The Lord wouldn’t let it go, and the words kept popping up in my mind with her name and that I needed to have someone pray for her symptoms to heal.  Then of course I started making my list of what the other kids needed prayer for, but it was very evident I was going up there this time for this one child.

I said, “Okay, Lord, I’m going.”

At the end of the session, I went up to the front and asked the first person I saw about prayer.  She found someone who said they would love to pray for me.

When I explained the situation about my little girl, I saw this look of understanding wash over her face.

Her family had dealt with a similar issue.

And right then and there I found out why the Lord had prodded me so much to seek out prayer for my little one tonight.  He knew that in this building full of hundreds of women, there was another mom who knew what my family is going through.  We kneeled there at the altar as she shared her family’s journey with me and what they had learned along the way.  She had advice for me of what had worked in their case and was able to give me some insight into other things I hadn’t even considered.

Then she prayed a prayer to our powerful, all healing God, who I know had to be up there smiling.

I love it when I hear Him right (“correctly” for you grammarians out there) and actually follow through on His “still, small voice”.

I love it when He gives me a chance to feel His leading.

I love it when He gives me someone who knows what I am going through and will pray for me.

And I can’t wait to update my new prayer buddy with what the Lord does to show off for my little girl!



  1. God is so good! Nice to ‘hear’ from you again Polly.


    • He is amazing! Thanks for stopping by, Julie!


  2. I also have 2 kids with gluten/wheat issues. One has dairy and a few other food issues also. The other one has SPD (and possibly sleep apnea – we’ll see). I have one child without any allergies or problems at all (God was merciful!) If you look at my Pinterest page, I have a bunch of gluten free recipes on there. Do you make your own bread? I have a really good recipe, but I haven’t put it on Pinterest, as it’s on a different cooking website. If you would like, I can send it to you. It takes awhile for the gluten to get out of the system, and depending on the sensitivity, you may have to be really careful, read labels regligiously. But she will feel tons better soon. I would recommend also trying removing dairy, as that is another common food that gives health problems. I use coconut or almond milk. There are cheese sub’s (Daiya is a good one).


    • Hi Amy,

      Thank you so much for your words and very good advice! Yes, I would love a good bread recipe. I haven’t even attempted it, yet. I’ll send a message to your email address. We were gluten free for 2 months (very steep learning curve) and then they put her back on gluten for a month to confirm a celiac diagnosis with the GI procedure. She has since been back on the gluten free diet and says she can tell a real difference now that she is eating healthy again. I’ll write soon, thanks!


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