Posted by: pollyw | March 12, 2011

Stream Living

One year, about 3 or 4  years ago, my parents gave us a peach tree for my birthday.  I was thrilled because I know how amazing it can be to have a fruit tree in your own backyard.  As I’ve written here before, my parents have some very fruitful fruit trees where they live. 

They have always had fruit trees.  I can even remember, as a little kid in California, going out to the tangerine tree to pick a tangerine for lunch.  I don’t know about you, but I think that kind of “living off the land” is so very cool.  Even if it’s just technically “snacking off the land”.

So, back to our story.  Last year, my peach tree blossomed for the first time in three years.  To commemorate that occasion, my peach tree bloomed three blossoms.  Yes, three.  Along came a strong March wind, and then there was one.  That little blossom held on, and by harvest time, we had the best peach I have ever tasted.  We divided it up into 6 or 7 pieces so each of us could have a taste.

Fast forward to this morning.  I looked out in the yard and it looks like we are going to have a ton of blossoms on that little tree this year.  It looks amazing (and delicious!).  It reminded me of one of my favorite passages in the Bible.  It is Jeremiah 17:7-9. 

Here it is: 

7 “But blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD,
   whose confidence is in Him.
8 They will be like a tree planted by the water
   that sends out its roots by the stream.
It does not fear when heat comes;
   its leaves are always green.
It has no worries in a year of drought
   and never fails to bear fruit.”

I just love that verse, because it gives the picture of resting in the Lord, not striving.  That fruit tree in the verse doesn’t have to go out and find the water.  It is constantly immersed in it, and therefore, it doesn’t even have the chance to not grow and be fruitful.  It just does, because it is constantly camped out by the life source. 

Thinking of that reminded me of how, when I was little, my parents also had mint plants.  They would plant them by the outside faucet, where the hose attached.  The constant drips that came from that hose where it attached to the faucet provided an environment for the mint plants to thrive.  We were never without mint plants as long as they were planted by that faucet.

What can I do to set up an environment where I thrive in my walk with the Lord? 

First of all, I need to stop the striving, and just rest in Him. 

I want to set up my days so that I am like those mint plants hanging out by the faucet, with the constant “rain” of His Spirit drenching me so that I have no choice but to grow, be fruitful, and stay vibrant, even in a drought.

I guess the first step would be to take a daily soak in His Word.  Followed by a constant conversation with Him throughout the day…about everything.  The good, the bad, and the ugly, so to speak.  I even like to tell Him when I see something that makes me laugh (in a good way).  I truly believe the Lord has the best sense of humor.  You can see it all over His Word.  (Hey, a run through of some of those stories might make a good post.)

A good daily soaking would also involve making choices that go along with a “living by the stream” kind of life.  Choices that involve what I am watching on t.v., listening to on the radio, and even how I talk to my friends and family.  Letting the kids know how the Lord is working in my life that day would help  introduce them to “stream living”.

How about you? 

Leave a comment, when you get a chance, and tell me how you will practice some “stream living” this week.  I bet we could come up with some good ideas together!



  1. Hey Polly–great thoughts! I love your insights. I hope you are feeling better–prayed for you this morning. Miss seeing your happy face!


    • Hi Mary!

      We miss you and your crew, too! Thank you for the nice comment. I’m doing well, thank you for the prayers!


  2. For Lent this year, instead of depriving myself of something (which is bound to not last!), I decided to add something I really wanted into my life. The Biblica Bible reading challenge has come along at precisely the right time. There is structure (but not too much), and certainly plenty of material! The Wednesday night group provides some accountability. But most of all I have been wanting to spend more time in God’s Word, and since it’s Lent, there is more emphasis on it in my mind. I try to do it in the morning, so I have all day to see if any of it stuck! I talk to God fairly nonstop all day anyway, but hopefully I’ll be seeing a change, even a small one, with this reading plan. So far this week I’m on top of it! (I do have assignments I’ll have to go back to at the end, but that’s OK.)


    • That is neat, Paulina. What a great way to think about it during Lent.

      You are swimming in His Word daily with that program! And to be able to meet up with everyone else must be an extra treat.

      Thanks for the comment!


  3. Rest in Him. Yes. Needed that reminder. Thanks Polly x


    • You’re welcome! I need that reminder constantly, too. Thanks for stopping by, Kelly!


  4. Some of my favorite verses, as well. In addition to the constant conversation with Him through the day, I try to see the “god moments” – the ones that make me laugh (a peacock in the middle of the road at 6 a.m. – really!), the spectacular ones (this morning’s sunrise), the sweet ones (the old man tenderly guiding his equally old wife across the street)…so many more.


    • Diane,

      Those are some great moments!

      A peacock, that’s so cool! Do they get out of the road easily, or take their time?


  5. Thank you for sharing these thoughts.


    • Thanks for stopping by, Kelly!


  6. So true, so very well spoken. I have been trying to be very deliberate about just saturating myself in the Word. It is so amazing the difference it makes!


    • It’s true, it does make a difference when those are the thoughts running through your head all day.

      Thanks for stopping by, Star!


  7. These are such good thoughts. . .thanks for sharing what the Lord has been putting on your heart. I will have to think about this a little bit but know there is much in it for me.


    • What a neat way to say it, Jennibell. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


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