Posted by: pollyw | October 4, 2010


I was having a conversation with my six and seven year old yesterday morning about Psalm 27:14 and what it might mean to them.  Here’s what it says (courtesy of Biblegateway)

14 Wait for the LORD;
       be strong and take heart
       and wait for the LORD.

My Bible version had the word “courageous” in it, which, as it turns out , is a word they didn’t know.  When you’ve known a word for so long, it’s hard to define it to someone who has never heard it (especially at 8 AM).  Try it, what definition would you come up with for courageous that a six and seven year old could understand?  While you’re at it, try to explain what “Waiting on the Lord” is.

If you’re like me, your definition might include something about being brave and waiting for the Lord to help you instead of trying to do it all on your own.  But, after fumbling around for awhile, a wonderful quote that I heard one time came to mind.  “It’s not brave if you’re not scared.”  I just love that quote, it says it all.  (Unfortunately, I can’t remember who the source is on this one.  To me, it kind of sounds like something Piglet of Winnie the Pooh fame might say, but I think I heard it in a movie.)

Anyway, you can’t have courage without first being scared, and you can’t be strong without first feeling weak.  We always think of being scared and weak as the worst things ever, but if you look at it in light of this verse, being scared and weak leaves the door wide open for the Lord to do some amazing things like giving you courage and making you strong.  The one condition?  You must “wait on the Lord” and see what His plans are for the situation you are in that is causing you to feel scared and weak.

Now, I’m not one to go around praying for the Lord to give me chances to be scared and weak, but I can take comfort in the fact that when those situations do come up, He is ready to knock my socks off with His results if I will just wait on Him.

How about you?  I would love to hear how the Lord has given you courage and strength in your life when you felt like you had none.


  1. I find that God often asks me to take the first scary step… and that is the hardest, and then He takes me the rest of the way.


    • That is true, Kelly, that first step is so often the scariest!


  2. This will be a great reference the next time I’m talking to my kids about trusting God! Thanks for another great post Polly!


    • Thanks, Monica!

      I bet your kiddos come up with some really neat insights and questions about the Bible stories they hear!


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