Posted by: pollyw | September 27, 2010

The Loud Sound of Little Knees on the Ground

You know, sometimes the Lord shows me a big thing using a little thing.  This morning, that little thing was my six year old. 

In the craziness of a Monday morning rush to school, we hit a bump in the routine when we couldn’t track down her backpack.  Now we have a hard time around here keeping track of shoes for five kiddos, pairs of socks, and the obligatory  runaway puzzle piece.  But keeping track of backpacks…we usually have that one down.  They have a hook, they go on the hook.  End of story…usually.

So, back to this morning.  The baby has gotten herself out of her crib and is making her way around the kitchen, my 4 year old is telling me about his train dream, my oldest is having a conversation about whether he needs a jacket or not for the chilly morning, and my seven year old is heading for the backyard to soak in the chilliness.  I am trying to finish up the lunches. 

In the middle of all of this activity, my 6 year old announces that her backpack is nowhere to be found.  As you can guess, we are already a little behind schedule, so I start recruiting the other kids to help her track it down.  

“Not in the car!”  “Not in the game room!”  “It’s not in the other car!”  The reports coming back were not looking good.  I was feeling the tension that always accompanies this kind of “one more thing to take care of” when I saw my 6 year old suddenly fall to the ground.  I glance over, ready to run and get the ice when I realize that she hasn’t “fallen fallen”, she has fallen to her knees to pray.  There she was in the middle of the chaos and tension, on her little knees, her tiny little hands folded in her lap, and her hair in her face as she bowed her head to silently ask the Lord to help her find her backpack.

Wow, was I humbled.  Time even froze there for a minute.  I’ve told them many times that even if we can’t find something, the Lord knows where it is, and we can ask Him.  I’ve prayed with them when we were looking for something, but to see one so little figure out on her own Who can help her, is an amazing sight to see, and I am so glad the Lord used one so little to remind me that He is here in the big and little things of life.

Oh, and the backpack?  We found it.  God is good.


  1. What a great witness you must be to your children Polly! It is funny how sometimes they remember to rely on God more easily than we do.


    • Thanks for stopping by Julie!

      It’s true, their matter of fact faith always takes me by surprise, I love it!


  2. What an amazing picture of faith. How awesome it is to read good things about your children. We are so blessed.


    • Thanks for the comment, Jack! And thanks for all of the prayers you cover our kids with!


  3. I’d fallen behind on following my favorite blogger, in the business of life. Glad to be back on track, with the reminders of Marching in Trees and Little ones on their knees!


    • Thanks, Dave! And thanks for being one of those who trained our little ones to be on their knees!! We really miss you two!


  4. My friend at 365 Days of Peace mentioned your “noise of little knees” in her reply to your comment on her blog way back in September. I meant to read it and have just come across it again so, here I am. And what a delight. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story.


    • Thank you so much for stopping by, Ian! And thank you for the very kind words. I just visited your blog and
      could really relate to your post on “Too busy to listen”. Definitely describes my struggles in this season of life!

      It sounds like you have a neat ministry there in South Africa. Keep stopping by when you get a chance, I’ll be back to writing
      soon, now that the latest little one has arrived and we’re getting back into a routine of sorts around here.


  5. Thanks for your encouragement.
    I am in awe. I don’t know how “routine” of any sort can ever be achieved in a house with half a dozen little ones. Well not if you treat them with love and gentleness as you clearly do.
    What a journey.
    I look forward to reading more.


    • You’re too kind!


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