Posted by: pollyw | March 30, 2010

Oh, I’m sorry, I nodded off there for a second

Tired.  Can’t keep eyes open.   Sleep.  Need sleep. 

You know how sometimes you can be “down to the bone” tired?  Well, that’s how I feel this week.  We have two kiddos sick with strep throat, and we are waiting for the other shoe, or kid, to drop and find out if we are going to make yet more trips to the pediatrician this week.  (We’ve already made 2 trips in two days.)  All that to say, the Bible verse that has been running through my head lately is this one (printed here courtesy of

Matthew 11:28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

I’m sure some scholars could say a whole lot about this verse right now, and give it a different, more global, church-y feel to the explanation for it.  But you know what?  For me right now, simpler is better. 

I’m tired, physically and emotionally…and here the Bible reminds me that Jesus says to turn to Him, and He will give me rest.  That’s it.  I don’t need to come to Him with 50 Bible verses memorized, or after an hour-long Bible reading session, or after I’ve told 20 people about Him.   Those things are nice, but my only requirement here is that I be tired.  And that’s what I be, I mean am…tired.

He even adds in that you don’t have to be tired, but done with your work for the day.  He says that you can be burdened, too.  And He will give you…what is it?  Rest…sweet, sweet rest.

Sign me up, I say. 

This is an all call for believers to find their rest in Him over and over, and for those who don’t know anything about Him to trust Him and turn those burdens over to Him. 

What better time for a non-believer to turn to Jesus than when you don’t have energy for anything else?  All we need to do is turn to Him and give Him the burdens and fatigue.  The Bible says that He will give us rest.  Sounds like we’re getting the good end of the deal on that one.

Okay, everyone, let’s practice resting our weary heads in His amazing hands this week. 

Do you have any other favorite verses about rest?


  1. Oh Polly, I really hope your week is better this week. Has your other child survived without getting ill?

    I love the idea of heaven as God’s eternal rest. I’m sure as a mother of 5, that is something you look forward to!


    • Thanks, Julie — Everyone has survived beautifully and the two that did get sick felt better within a day with the antibiotics. I’m just glad it seems to be over! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!


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