Posted by: pollyw | March 9, 2010

Living in Hope, Not Fear

This week, I thought I would share a challenge our pastor gave us.

Our church is going through some major changes this next year to revitalize it.  This leaves a lot of room for unknowns and fear of what will happen.  (Did I ever mention that change and I do not always get along in the beginning?) 

Our pastor pointed out to us that he is making an active choice in his personal and ministerial life to live in hope, not fear.  He challenged us to try it.  So, this week I have been trying it. 

I have to say, I knew I was a worrier, but when I actively started paying attention to how often I worry, it was a bit of a relief to ask the Lord to help me turn each of those worries into hope.

From what I can tell so far, it’s  not about denying our feelings, in any way.  It’s about breathing life into some of those distracting chronic worries that plague so many of us.  (I’m not the only one, am I?) 

In fact, the more I concentrate on putting it into practice, the more I am reminded of the verse that talks about capturing your thoughts to make them obedient to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5).

Try it, you might be surprised how it changes your perspective.  I know it has made my day a little easier to get through, as I take my worries to the Lord and let Him show me the hope to look for in each situation.


  1. Worriers unite! Our pastor uses worry as an example of sin. No-one can deny ever having worried about something. Jesus says “don’t worry” (passage about God clothing grass and flowers etc), so we have all disobeyed God at this point.

    So true, and how freeing it is to bring our worries to God.


    • Julie – That “not worrying” passage you’re talking about always gets me!


  2. I’m a worrier too! Thanks for your perspective. x


    • Thanks for stopping by, Kelly!


  3. Our parish is currently undergoing a revitalisation process as well. I definitely need to consider my worrying about this and many other things!


    • Planning Queen —

      It’s nice to know that someone else is going through this, too.
      We’ll just have to trust that the Lord will take our churches where they need to go.


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