Posted by: pollyw | February 1, 2010

Made a bad decision lately?

I am reading in 1 Samuel these days, and I’ll tell you, a lot of people in this book make a lot of big mistakes.  Ones where you, as the reader, can almost see the trouble brewing before it actually happens. 

Kind of like when you watch a tv drama and find yourself talking to the tv saying, “Don’t trust that guy, he’s a crook!”  

Well, one of the many mistakes I’ve been reading about lately, involves an entire nation.  (How’s that for a plot twister?  Not just one person messing up, but a whole nation of people) 

Israel decided it needed a king, like the pagan nations around it.  Now keep in mind that God was their leader and king.

Was it just that they wanted someone they could see with their eyes, no matter how imperfect?  Why would they trade in the ultimate king for a mere person? 

Well, God, through their judge Samuel, has told them it was going to be  a huuuuuuuuuuuuge mistake to replace Him with a human king.   They still wanted to go through with it, so God told them who it would be.

Okay, fast forward to the beginning of the new kingship.  Saul has been pulled out from behind the baggage and declared king (see 1 Samuel 10:19-24, it’s pretty funny).

Now, I can only speak for myself when I say that if someone rejected me as their leader and made me pick a new one for them,  that would be it, I would be done with them.  Not to say that’s the right attitude, but I’m just being truthful here.

After all is said and done, though, God pulls this nation to Himself once again in 1 Samuel 12:20-22

He is a God of relationship and of second chances, which He fully demonstrates when He tells Israel not to be afraid of this very bad decision they have made. 

He has every right to abandon them because they have rejected Him.  He tells them not to turn away to follow worthless things, but to instead, worship Him with all their heart. 

He will not abandon them because they messed up.  He is not staying with them because they deserve it, but because they are His people.

How much like Him that is. 

Even in our faulty decisions, if we will turn it all over and turn to Him, He will meet us there.  Right where we have fallen.  Not because we deserve it, but because we are His. 

So, my main calling is to look to Him, especially when I may not want to because I did something dumb.  I don’t know about you, but I feel like that takes a lot of pressure off of me.

I’m His, and He still wants the best for me. 

Same for you, if you are His, He still wants the best for you, just turn to Him when you’re not sure if you made the right decision and He will not abandon you.


  1. Great reassurance – especially for one like me, who makes lots of bad decisions. Great reason for a blog – to record your quiet time readings. I was just wondering if you have a specific plan you are following, or just reading as you feel led?


  2. Hey Julie,

    Thanks for stopping by!

    In answer to your question about my quiet times, I go through different seasons.

    Sometimes I might be following a structured study. I really like Beth Moore’s studies because they are so indepth and the Lord used her ministry to get me to actually start reading the Bible.

    If I’m going through a crazy, busy time of life, I have a daily reading New Testament book that is geared toward moms. The readings are a lot shorter, but it always has a good question or reminder at the end that I can apply to my day.

    Right now I’m trying the Read the Bible in 90 days program. I am waaaay behind, but I am loving the chunks of reading you get done at one time. It is really pretty neat. I won’t make the 90 days mark, but I don’t think I’ll be too far off.


  3. How very timely your message is today! We are taking the Beth Moore bible study on Tuesday nights and are so blessed to be studying this. She is just amazing! My husband is even going with me! He went in the fall as well and was blown away by her teaching.

    I was just starting to read my lesson and thought I would check your blog first and look..,I think God might be trying to drive this lesson home for me.

    Thanks for the reminder that I can mess up and still be loved by the only true one that matters. I am resting on the assurance of knowing that he delights in me no matter what.


    • Going to the Beth Moore studies is the way the Lord really got me to start actually reading my Bible, instead of just carrying it around!

      It does take the pressure off, doesn’t it when you remember to rest in His love for you, and not just love because He has to love you, but His actual delight in you.


  4. This is good news since I mess up so much.


    • Me too!

      (What a wonderful husband I have, coming to visit my blog!)


  5. A lovely reminder to look in the right direction when we make mistakes and now that we won’t be abandoned. This is a message I really want my children to understand.


    • Me, too. It really takes the pressure off when they realize they don’t have to be perfect, just know that they are perfectly loved by Him.

      Thanks for stopping by PlanningQueen!


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