Posted by: pollyw | January 18, 2010

An inside out life

“I have really had a fun day today, it’s been one of my best days ever…I hope nobody does anything to mess it up.” 

That was the wistful voice of my five year old from the back seat of our van as we were driving to gymnastics this afternoon. 

She sounded so pleased with what the day had held for her so far, yet so sure that it would take only one person to destroy the whole day for her.

In that small innocent statement of her five year old take on the day, I recognized the truth of how I live so much of my life. 

I often live in fear of the external things in life ruining my day.  How often do I let one comment, or even one implied comment , throw me off for the rest of the day?  Sometimes all it might take is a look from a person, or a careless driver cutting me off in traffic.

How often do I let the things of this world get to me? 

Psalm 62:5  says “Find rest, O my soul, in God alone;  my hope comes from Him.”

What would a life lived according to that verse look like? 

It seems like it would be a life that would be lived from the inside out, rather than one that lets all of the hits from the outside affect the inside. 

It would be a life where the contentment you feel comes from His working inside of you as it makes its way to the outside.

An inside-out life sounds pretty good, as long as what you have on the inside is God’s spirit. 

What do you say? 

This week, let’s ask the Lord to let His spirit inside of us be the thing that everyone sees instead of us being ruled by our outside circumstances. 

Then, maybe, when that look from someone happens, or that driver flies by us completely unaware, it won’t ruin our day, but will make us shine brighter, as God’s spirit does its thing, from the inside out.


  1. Fantastic!


    • Thanks, Christy!


  2. Thanks so much for telling me about your devotional blog! I love it!


    • I’m so glad you stopped by, thanks for the nice words!


  3. Some enlighting words here, thank you.


    • Thanks for stopping by!


  4. This was great Polly-


  5. Somehow, I had missed this post. Went back and read it after I read your most recent post. Yeah, the camp theme at TBarM this past summer was “Inside/Out”. The theme song shouts…”I’m loving God from the inside/out….cause we live and love from the Inside/Out!” The TShirts were even screened inside/out so that you wear it with the tag on the outside. We’ll have to bring one of our videos (oops DVD’s) over for the kids to watch. Cool!


    • The kids would love to see the video.

      That t-shirt idea sounds like a great way to go with the theme, I bet they get a lot of comments on them!


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