Posted by: pollyw | January 12, 2010

Milk and honey, anyone?

So, I’m still hanging out in the Old Testament, wandering in the wilderness with the Israelites.  I’ve been here so long that I’m beginning to feel like I should have sand in my shoes. 

Today I read about the tribes that came to Moses and asked if they could settle on the wilderness side of the Jordan instead of going into the Promised Land.  They said they liked the pasture land better on that side of the Jordan.  They were the ranchers of the crowd, apparently (and shepherds).

Still, though, to not go into the Promised Land?  When the Lord has told them it’s theirs?  He has told them that they will win the battles and tells them how to divide up the land.  I mean, according to the Lord it’s a done deal, as long as they obey Him and follow His ways. 

Why would you not want to go get a piece of the land of milk and honey? 

  • Fear of success? 
  • Fear of having to hang out with these other tribes for another forty years?
  • Fear of failure (even though the Lord says it is a sure thing if they listen to Him)? 
  • Hmm, fear of having to listen and obey Him? 

I don’t know why they wanted to stay put and not collect their inheritance, but it does make me think…when do I “play it safe” with the Lord and settle for less than He has planned for me?  

Do  I  sometimes make decisions that keep me from His best? 

When do I pull up short of the finish line and not make it to the winner’s circle because I think that I have the best plan for my life?

I don’t want to be stuck on the wilderness side of life.  I want the Promised Land stuff…bring on the milk and honey. 

Help me to follow You there, Lord…



  1. Very well done. Keep them rolling.


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