Posted by: pollyw | December 28, 2009

So glad you are here!

Hi, welcome to my weekly blog! 

I love, love, love, to write devotionals, and once I write them, I really want someone to read them and let me know how the Lord used it in their lives.  I am so glad you stopped by!  You are doing a great service by reading this…you will be helping to keep me off the streets giving them out to strangers.  Not that evangelism ministry is a bad thing, mind you.  I just think my family might like it better if I’m around the house when they need me. 

 So, I thought it would be okay to write a short devotional this week to get us started.  And it seems only fitting to start where the Bible starts…in Genesis.  Quick, how many days of creation can you name? 

 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” and “Let there be light” – Day one.  Good job! 

 After this, I don’t know about you, but I get a little foggy.  I know there was a sky day, a fish and birds day, moon and sun.  But I think it would be cool to know which days match up to really appreciate it, don’t you?  So, I think what I will be working on this week is to go back and review in my Bible which days the Lord created things.  To really remember it, though, I want to work it into my daily goings on. 

 Let’s see, if today I’m looking at Day One, I might think about it every time I turn on a light (darkness and light), or every time my toddler shuts a door on me while I’m in a room where I didn’t turn on the light (i.e. the darkness). 

 Tomorrow could be about Day 2 of creation where He separated the waters above from the waters below (created the sky).  So every time I look at the sky that day I could turn to someone and say, “Wow, that day 2 was pretty amazing, huh?”   And, as they look at me with that look of, “Why is this lady talking to me?” I might even be able to explain what I am talking about.  Hopefully, they won’t call security on me.

 How about you?  Go review the beginning of Genesis and let me know what clever ways you use to work these into your day.  Leave me a comment to help me through the week and let me know if you tried it, too!


  1. Thank you for the wonderful devotional! Keep them coming!!!


    • Thanks for stopping by!


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